The Cheapest Days to Fly and When to By Airline Tickets for the Best Price

The Cheapest Days to Fly and When to By Airline Tickets for the Best Price

February 18, 2020

If you have travel plans, there’s a good chance you want to find the cheapest flights possible. The good news is this doesn’t have to be too challenging. In fact, with a bit of research and knowledge, you can discover the most affordable days to fly and learn how to get great deals on your airfare.

Shop for Flights on Tuesday

The best day to shop for flights in the United States is usually on Tuesday around 3 o’clock PM, Eastern time. This sounds specific, but there are studies that back this up. That’s because there are many airlines that opt to release their weekly sales each Tuesday, which means that competing airlines are going to be prompted to match the prices. This means that Tuesday is usually a great time to find some significant deals. But don’t worry, if you can't shop on Tuesdays, there are other days when you can find great deals,too.

Avoid Shopping too Early or too Late

You have to be careful. If you try to buy too early, you may wind up paying too much. However, if you buy too late, you may pay even more.You have to find the “sweet-spot” when it comes to finding great deals on airfare. These include:

· For U.S. tickets: Try to shop between three months and 30 days before you plan to leave.

· For international tickets: It’s best to shop 5.5 months and 1.5 months before you plan to leave.

· Popular times: If you have plans to fly during a popular holiday, like Thanksgiving, New Year’s, or during a peak-season month, such as June through August, you can save money if you buy early – this means about two months ahead of time.

· Shop the most current deals: If you have the option to travel when you want and you can go when a deal pops up, shop when you want because there is no way to know when an airline may drop prices unexpectedly.

Take Time to Compare Airfare Costs

There is an important golden rule of shopping for airfare that you need to follow – always compare the airfares. There are some who forget to do this because they have a “favorite” airline and are convinced this airline will have the best prices. If you don’t take time to compare prices,then you may pay too much.

What Are the Cheapest Days to Fly?

Did you know that there are some days that are cheaper to fly on than others? If you aren’t able to book these cheap days for your whole flight, try to do it for a leg of the trip and you will see some level of savings. For the U.S., the cheap days are Saturday,Wednesday, and Tuesday. When it comes to international travel, the weekdays are usually going to be more affordable than the weekends.

The good news is, there are an array of sites available that make finding the cheapest and best airfare deals possible. Check these out to get all the savings possible.